Little Easter Baskets

Today I am sharing my newest files, these little Easter Baskets.  
They are a fun size and come with a base that is perfect for holding Cadbury or Reeses's chocolate Easter eggs.
(All of the projects shown were cut using Cricut Design Space- watch for upcoming videos)

There are 3 different sizes to choose from.

The single box comes with a blank tag and  2 printable options, black and white or colored. 

 Its simple to print, cut  and tie to the handle.

The double basket is a great way to share a little gift with a neighbor or co-worker.  Fill any of the baskets with chocolate, plastic or real eggs. 
Can also be used w/ Ferrero candy or an EOS lip balm. 
Remove the inside base and the basket can be filled with any little candy or treat.

If you want to do a little more, the 4 pack basket holds 4 eggs.  Add some "grass" and you have an amazing little gift.  

All of the files come with both a scalloped or straight edge option; its like getting two files for the price of one.

The files can be purchase individually or as a group and are available at 


PS- right now all Easter files at My Scrap Chick are on Sale! Grab them while you can.

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