Graduation Cards and Favors

Graduation is right around the corner and I have new files to help you celebrate.

The little nugget sleeves have been very popular and you are going to love these!

Sleeves will hold 3, 5 or 7 Hershey nuggets and makes a great handout for any graduate. Includes the base/tray in 3 different sizes, one 3 layered tag, one fold-over tag, one layered graduation cap and 12 printable tags.

Simple to put together. Start by  cutting the base, tag and enough wrappers. 
Tape the wrappers to Hershey Nuggets and place on the base tray.  Slide into a Pretzel bag.

For the fold over tag, cut the pieces and assemble.  
Fold over the filled bag and use score tape or staples to secure.

For the tag, print the sentiment and glue onto the layered tag. Tie to the bag.

 Here is a little video to show you the basics of the Nugget Sleeves.

The mini treat cup is another popular file, this time it has a Graduation Cap and printable banners.

Next up is this bottle label.
The label will fit on almost any bottle and comes with  3 printable banners.

If you visit Pintrest, you will find hundreds of these Cap Cards, but I couldn't find a single file when I wanted to cut one so I designed my own.

This is the A2 Graduation Card, and it holds money!

I also have a video to show you how easy it is to put this card together.

All of the files are shown with an optional tassel. 

Tassel Maker Template

The last file I have available is a tassel template.
Use the template to create 1", 2" 3" and 4" tassels to use with the graduation projects or any other paper project you are working on.

One last video to show you how quick and easy a tassel can be using the template.

All of the files can be purchased at


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